Saturday, March 28, 2015

Motivating Muse

The rhythm drops and the beat is pounding and I feel the vibrations all over. I see the cadence and melody flowing in the air before me. I see colors and the rise and fall of a vibrant wave. And there my muse is standing before me singing a ballad of hurt and pain. Telling me her story of what transpired and now what remains. I see the rock formations and the disdain in her brow as she belts out her confusion and her questions why. She is my muse, the rhythm and the dancer, the cure for my cancer. The desire in me is to romance her, but this romantic is old and has been out of work for some time. The cobwebs have formed all over and the dust is caked up on the candelabra, rust has formed on the hinges of the words she used to hang on, swing on, and thrive on. Now the sentences don't flow, the words now come and quickly go before the mind is in the know. the thoughts are saying no to me, but i just want to say yes to her as she sings of how they deserted her, as she cries about how he abused her, i simply want to hold her, my muse, my inspiration for creating, my vision for this design, it is all entwined, weaved into a perfect pattern of vines and fruit braided for someone like me to climb. Her song rises into laughter and joy and i see her beautiful smile lighting up the sound waves. the upbeat rides along a melody as free as eagles soaring, runs along the riffs like puppies playing in piles of fluffy pillows, her voice floats and fluctuates in various octaves like floating bubbles bouncing on a summer breeze. She sways and rocks with ease even as the tempo slows and her countenance shows that the tears are about to flow. She pauses and takes a sip of her brown liquor and there's terror on her face as she yells out that it's killing her. She found the strength to stand when it was just her, but those she bore, they suffer no more but her pain is deep. There was life when she watched over them, when she took care of them; they were 8 and ten when they were taken. Not her fault, but she sang about embracing them and never letting go. She stood before me steadily sinking in sand while she sang this sad song so I sipped along with her and allowed the alcohol to take me with her on this journey down this winding wonder. The saxophone took the lead as her breast heaved and i could not breathe pausing also as she ventured back down memory lane. She didn't look like much remained, she looked as though she were spent leaning on the wooden stool beside her, head down, body practically limp. There was a loud thud as the microphone fell from her hands. The audience gasped, stunned and in shock. But the band played on and my stomach began to churn. The room began to spin, maybe the liquor was kicking in, but i knew for sure what was about to happen. I began to hyperventilate, the walls seemed to be closing in and it happened, before i could stop it was too late. The verbs and nouns came first, then the sentences and the rhymes followed by the metaphors and similes, finally out of my throat was the desire to create and the outcome was this poem that my muse inspired me to regurgitate.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I Can't believe how she came at me, full of attitude, full of vigor, talking about I'm a good for nothing nigga!  I mean she actually had the audacity to get in my face, breath all hot, stank and rank, I had to step back and damn who does she think she is, we don't even share rings. Never had a commitment, as a matter of fact we never will! Her usage of such explicit language has me reeling in disgust, dismiss her I must.  Since the day I met her she's had issues with trust and I can't really say I measure up. My glass may be half full but I don't think she even has a cup! Yeah, I know we can't win them all, and you don't get anywhere if you don't try, buy this journey I'm on makes me cry.  When we first met all I could do was smile now it would take 3000 miles just to get a genuine hi, I'm becoming motionless, uncaring to her distress, selfish when I once was selfless, I am young and restless, on route to general hospital for mental murder, her yelling is about to turn to tears cause I got nothing to lose and nothing to fear, this is the last time I'm getting cursed out, I'm not shedding a damn tear. I mean damn how you gonna come at me with all that rage for eating the last pear. I think its deeper than that but I don't care! SHUT THE HELL UP!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Success Lies in My Words!

Manipulation of words is a gift! A passion for such gift should lead to success in many ways. I speak into existence that which I desire most!

I am sitting here researching how I might make a living doing what I love

putting words together sending them in flight as fierce as an eagle

as gentle as a turtle dove

so I push and shove

racking my brain and praying to my Lord up above for guidance

digging deep for the knowledge

searching for the answers

seeking a cure for this well known cancer called starving artists

an art that seems to me could take me the farthest

but at every turn a road block of discouragement

naysayers recite that starvation is imminent

but this taste in my mouth is decadent

flavorful with a pleasant scent

there is no recompense

my perseverance is evident

that all things are possible with wisdom and experience

so I tarry on in my journey to make this starving artist fat

knowing that what I see from within will keep my dreams intact!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Say My Name, Say My Name! Pick Me!

My dear please call my name
Say it over and over again
Will me to you
You’ll be happy I came
And this is no game
I feel what you feel
This is very surreal
And only time will reveal
The plan that must be played
On a historic reel to reel
You know the deal, I know the deal
This world is real
I am looking at us saying
Wow is this for real?
I can’t believe myself sometimes
You are cordial and kind
In an elevated state of mind
Unselfish but has a “This world is mine”
Kind of outlook on life
A wonderful mother and future wife
Don’t ask me how I know,
It’s all within your writes.
They tell of your pains and strife
They sketch the drawings and reveal the holes
Left behind by the knife
Can you see how I am laying this pipe?
Free and clear so you can flow through
No clogs or ruptures that could burst you
There are no rules no curfew
We are home alone
No one to tell us what to do
The verdict is given by me and you
Can you feel my point of view?
Let’s keep history in the past
This is clear and present
Leave the danger with Harrison Ford and his Jack Ryan Mask.
I’m saying you do what only you do
Laugh, giggle,
get tickled
when you walk by me I whistle
which is what I do in my head
every time I think of you
who doesn’t like to feel brand new?
Like you’re the champ and
all challengers you slew?
can you see my point of view?
This I must say again
I thought I had a crush
On you
But a crush is not enough
Infatuation blew up and went bust
On the verge of something more
Of this fact I am sure
So of you I implore
If you had to give me a score
What would it be?
I can tell you your percentage is 100
Oh yes we’re kindred
As sure as I am no midget
Oops did I say that?
I mean little person.
Currently I see no diversion
We are steady moving forwards
You know I am not the big bad wolf
And you are not little red riding hood
Eating the little bears porridge
No fairytales here miss
You are the Grown woman Raheem Devaughn sings about
I am the black Brotha Angie Stone gives much clout
With all of this my dear
Leave me with the history
Of you calling out my name
I am yours in your domain.


Oh my goodness
I am experiencing a brain freeze
While I lie on my back
And you on top of me
Uhhh, ohh, baby
I can’t think clearly
The muscles in your lips
Has a tight grip
And my toes are curling
You’d think I was a wicked witch
Damn baby, keep it moving like that
The gyrations of your hips
Is putting an arch in my back
As a matter of fact
Your somewhat contagious
Now I rise when you rise
I twist when you twist
My hips rotate when you gyrate
This ride is outrageous
I feel like I am flipping pages
But it’s time to flip you
Turn you over
All my attentions on you
Lay on your back
Spread your legs wide open
Let me gently give it to you
Rub my hands with massage lotion
Starting from your manicured toes
Deeply massaging your feet
Continually keeping eye contact with you
Your reeling me in, not a word not a peep
Your calf muscles I rub with diligence with care
I see the anticipation in your eyes
You know I aim to take it there
I am now at your thighs
Your eyes are open wide
As I stroke and rub with intensity
With a hand on each thigh
My head takes a dive
And now I give you the best of me
With full stroke I enter
Tongue dead center
Slurping on the juices
Licking you senseless
So excited I need to slow down
The left lip inserted
I nibble and slurp it, liking your inner wall
Damn near perfect
Both my hand cupping your firm round brown
The right side shall follow suit
My tongue has the strength of
Ten thousand troops
The power to elevate you off the bed
Your moans are shear music
an orchestrated symphony
this here was destiny
I can’t believe I am saying this
I think I am love sick
And to think this here is just the beginning
For an hour I am kissing,
Steadily sucking and licking
And with breaths in between
Just below your moans and your screams
I whisper sensually on your vag!nal lips
Now tell me
how do you like it.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to Seduce an Aries Man

I jotted this info down from a couple of different sites because they seemd to describe me and what I like to a T. If you care to know please read.

If a man was born between March 21st and April 20th he falls under the star sign of Aries. Any woman who has ever loved a man like this knows that they are driven to succeed in all areas of their life and they can fall in love at first sight. If you have your heart set on a guy born at this time of year, you’ll need some insight into how to seduce an Aries man. In order to effectively seduce an Aries man, you first have to understand what he finds attractive in a potential partner. Certain characteristics spell instant attraction to an Aries man and it’s these that you need to keep in mind when you are trying to gain his attention. These men are drawn to self confident, witty and independent women. They like women who have their lives in order and who are proud of themselves. It’s always wise to share your wit with an Aries man, but never at his expense. They also enjoy a woman who is proud of them. It’s a good idea to flatter an Aries man, but only when he truly deserves it. Being too giving with praise will only make him doubt your sincerity, which isn’t a good thing at all. When you set out to seduce an Aries man you need to be aware of what he finds alluring in terms of intimacy. Many men born under this astrological sign test the women they are with. He may try to take control of the intimate moments you two share. He’ll be blown away if you initiate it and lead him towards what you find pleasurable. Aries men find women who aren’t afraid of taking control very seductive, almost irresistible. You have to work through your shyness if you truly want an Aries man to love you. Be prepared to be caught up in his fast paced life if you want a life with a man born in late March through mid April. These men love being on the go, whether it’s pursuing a career goal or partaking of their favorite hobby. If you want to be included in his life, you are going to have to keep up with him. He likely won’t alter his routine for you, so be prepared to change your life for him. These men love completely and deeply so it’s certainly well worth any sacrifices you may have to make. Specific things you say and do can make a man feel helplessly drawn to you. If you are convinced he is the one there are things you can do to ensure he only has eyes for you. You don’t have to leave love to fate or chance. If you are tired of waiting for him to fall hopelessly in love, there are things you can do to make it happen now. Find out right now what you need to do to capture his heart forever. He is impatient, impulsive, self-absorbed and direct but yet he turns you on and challenges your every move. He might be your boss, he might be a colleague but somehow he got under your skin and slid right into your fantasies. All that an Aries man has to do is walk through your line of sight and he has you, salivating for more and changing your panties. With all that confidence and natural charm, he can have whatever or whomever he desires and more. How can you get him to notice you? What does it take to wake up in his bed every morning? Though the Aries man himself isn’t simple, seducing him is. One you seduce him, be prepared to work… though let us cross that bridge when we get there. Seduction, emulating… when it comes to an Aries man it is all the same. He wants a worthy adversary, someone to challenge him and make him work. He wants a partner that is just as good if not better than he. As a person of interest YOU MUST be able to give as good as you get. The Aries man is all business all the time. He gives everything he has at everything he wants but how long he wants it is up to you. His determination does not let him stop until he conquers a task but once he completes a task his impulsive drive moves him on to another. He needs to see your layers and know that just because he has fully explored one, there are many more to follow. Get him to explore those layers by letting him think it was his idea to begin with. Start with a smile and your intelligence. If you are not of common sense and a sound communicator, move on and cut your losses. Your smile and bright eyes as you recognize or complement something he works on will be your way in. The more conversation and I mean conversation of substance now not just facts or stats, will give you the opportunity to slide into HIS fantasies and make him think of ways to seduce you. As you continue to recognize his good points pepper a few double entendres throughout the conversation. He will continue to show off to you and up the anty with his flirting but do not give in so easily. The quicker you give in, the quicker he will want to move on to something else. Have fun with the flirting, make it a challenge. As long as he knows he is making progress, he will continue to bring his a-game. Remember, making his cheeks blush is probably making something lower flush. That is a good thing because to snag an Aries man you have to be able to turn both of his heads on. The Aries man wants a partner who is full of confidence, has a brain but isn’t afraid to use it, and has a life. Within that confidence and intelligence should be a partner that has a naughty and impulsive streak. The more you feel you can let loose and express your desires no matter how crazy will give you more time with the man you desire. He is comfortable flying by the seat of his pants… with or without the pants on him mind you. Making him believe you are a worthy mate is showing him you can keep up his pace and then some out in the street or later on between the sheets. Never let the flirting falter, it is the one thing Aries men love in spades. It keeps their mind sharp, their blood pumping and that sweet extension below the belt hard. One thing you will never have to worry is the time involved to seduce your man. In this case, when an Aries is turned on, their direct approach and impatient nature work to your favor. They want what they want as soon as they can get it and will be happy with any part of it. Once they get you, do not give him all of you just yet. Piece by piece, layer by layer; just like the way you seduced him. When you get that first date, understand that everything depends on his first impressions. The clothes you wear, the way you smell will be very important to him. Your clothing should show confidence and make an impact to complement the scent that promises at lot more fun later. If you pick the place for the date, make sure it has style and character. Always be in the moment and in the mood. Dazzle him with your smiles, impress him with real intelligence and keep him on his toes with your witty banter and well placed flirts. As the first date ends, when you say good night – go in as you would for the kiss but move to his ear and say “thank you for the evening” as sexy as you please. When you leave him afterward, you will leave him with a smirk on his face and the need for more. Consistently give him more, little by little at each date. Tease him too much with no sense of progress and he will deem you lame and move on. When you finally get to the kiss and then later the sex… give as good as you get. Let him taste your lust and let him feel your heat. If that kiss rocks his core then he will be back for a whole lot more. Enjoy, because all your hard work has paid off. In the end, the Aries man wants to feel loved and needed. He wants to feel as if he is protecting, providing and being everything he can for his mate. Stay honest and direct and praise his good points. Be flexible to allow for his impulsiveness and understand at times he is quite impatient and sports a jealous streak. Take advantage of his lustful and romantic sides, there you will always win. The Aries man is an excellent partner, you made the right choice. Now go and have the best time of your life.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Figments of Imagination

Been giving thought to the emptiness, the shadows of a being I dreamt up perfectly for me, it seems she doesn't exist, a figment of my imagination, stagnant. Immoveable. Lonely determination with lack of knowledge and education to obtain what I deserve and so I starve continually hungry for affection, for intimacy, for love, for a companion, but not just any warm body but someone perfect for me, someone who compliments my personality and I theirs, heirs together in spiritual royalty, I've asked God to bring her to me to reveal her to me, but those I see as potential are taken from from me, or far away geographically and I feel that though I should be a hot commodity I am pushed further back on the shelf like an outdated piece of grocery, a dented can, damaged goods, doomed to be trashed, I rehash my past and see the choices I've made, I see that path that I've laid, I see the mess that I've made, and now I sit in this dank Dark cave alone and afraid that she's not out there and this picture that I've painted in my head is the proof that I'm insane.